The Seminar, The Opportunities and Challenges of Generic Drugs Under New Circumstances, Successfully Ended



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The Seminar, Opportunities and Challenges of Generic Drugs Under New Circumstances, Successfully End

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Dr。 Chunlin Chen hosted the seminar。

    The seminar, “The Opportunities and Challenges of Generic Drugs Under New Circumstances” affiliated with Bio-Forum 2016, was successfully ended on June 21 at Shanghai International Convention Center.  The seminar was organized by Shanghai Medicilon Inc.  Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, hosted the seminar.  Numbers of accredited speakers in pharmaceutical industry gave out the fruitful speeches to over 200 attendees.

    The purpose of this seminar is to proactively response to the new regulations on generic drugs and to give the guidelines for marketing strategy planning, in addition of establishing the collaboration platform, sharing the working experience of overseas conformance evaluation, interpreting the newly released regulations by CFDA, discussing the problems that pharmaceutical companies are facing now and meeting the opportunities and challenges of generic drugs under new circumstances.

    The seminar consisted of splendid presentations and panel discussion. Focusing on the problems and risks of conformance evaluation of generic drugs, the speakers deeply discussed and analyzed its future development strategy. The summaries are as following:

1. Dr. Qun Zhou, Chief Engineer of Shanghai CFDA, deeply interpreted the regulations of generic drugs in China, analyzed the operating strategy in detail and shared his suggestions.

Dr. Qun Zhou

2。 Dr。 Jiansong Yang, General Manager of MOSIM Shanghai, subsidiary company of Tigermed, introduced the design and the result evaluation of the biological experiment combined with the actual case study。  Dr。 Yang further explain the solutions when facing the data processing problem during the clinical BE research。

Dr. Jiansong Yang

3. Dr. Jiangbin Hu, Vice Manager and Senior Vice President of Huahai Pharmaceutical, introduced the opportunities of overseas generic drugs market through the analysis of current market situation in China.   Dr. Hu also integrated the requirement of both FDA and CFDA on generic drugs.

Dr. Jiangbin Hu

4。 Dr。 Yong Cui, General Manager of Nanjing PuChen Pharmaceutical Inc。, not only introduced the challenges and solutions of the development of method for the dissolution of the imitation medicine, but also stated the new progress in the simulation of drug absorption。

Dr. Yong Cui

5。 Organized by Dr。 Chunlin Chen and participated by Dr。 Yong Cui, Dr。 Jiangbin Hu, Dr。 Guodong Li, Dr。 Shiwen Lin and Dr。 Lei Tang, a panel discussion focusing on the development strategy of generic drugs was conducted。

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

    After the seminar, Medicilon received a lot of appreciation by the attendees.  They thanked for our invitation and expressed that they learned a lot during the seminar.

    Medicilon hereby expresses the sincerely appreciation to all the speakers and attendees.  Thank you all for the continuously support to Medicilon.

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